Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quixote's True Blue Jan 1st Stanky Pockets/Dead Phish Orchestra/Shakedown Street/Kaiser Sunshine

So everything old is new again. The years go by and after 13 wonderful years we are back to where we started and yes, i say yes, it is such a wonderful life afterall. There is so much perhaps and hope left in this world and so much transformation, everyday leads to a new adventure and the merchants of greed have been vanquished at least for a little bit longer. Never has it felt so refreshing as now.

Stanky Pockets is grooving in the gallery, Dead Phish is tearing us limb from limb in the main room, lasers are cutting through the fog, life could be sweeter, for this I don't know, see how it feels in the end. and Shakedown Street is about to play a early morning set.
The transformation is very evident, everyone notices, the notice physically that the palce has changed and they notice the vibe has changed, most importantly they notice that I am happy. The fiuture looks bright, the people are wonderful and even as the lysergics fade happiness remains. Creativity is at an all time high.

Shakedown Start is delayed, so we get some ballons out and we start kicking them around, everyone is having fun. Does it matter matter when the band starts, not really no one is going anywhere, we are just having fun. But Shakedown does evntually start and they rip it, it is a beautiful morning and Shakedown has everyone dancing and grooving. Rachel kennedy is about to faint, but she does that every year here, slowly everyone gears down into complete and utter sillinous. It was a perfect start to 2010, one of the best starts in a long time, alth0ugh last year wasn't a bad start either, now that I think about it.

Stay True Blue
Jay Bianchi

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