Monday, December 7, 2009

Shakedown Street w/ Tom Constanten Dec 5th

1st of all Zobomaze kicked butt in the back room creating a very consitent jazz rock orchestration.

And finally the day has come, Shakedown Street has, after 20 years, finally become the band that they always should be. With special guest Tom Constanten, the band simply rocked. From beginning to end the band created a special bond with the audience that had everyone singing along with them. When they went into the instrumental part of Shakedown Street and the audience was singing the lyrics loud and clear, I knew it was on. This was the best the band had ever played and it was the best I have seen TC play. We have decided to do this again and bring back TC and perform LIVE DEAD in its entirety. The show was not entirely perfect, but if the band can reach this level consistently, we are going to endup with some perfect shows. I for one am very happy with this performance.

Shakedown Street is back and a force to be reckoned with.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bluegrass Explosion Dec 4th

Handpicked Holler started out by putting us in th right groove, but they were so good it was hard for the other acts to follow. Gristle Gals did a formidable show and the energy picked up as they went on. They are a fun laid backed band. Whiskey Tango created a high energy rumble and Sringcreek Bluegrass added some nice fisnishing touches to a wonderful night. All in all the night was great fun and created a very homey feeel to the place. Although it was not quite an expolsion, a couple more times and we might need to bring out the bomb squad.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dead Floyd/The Grippe Dec 3rd

Ok, so the show is not over and I am doing a review. I do not have a deadline so maybe i should wait till the end, but unless this band fucks up really bad, I would give this night two thumbs up. It was a cold December night and The Grippe had already played a very tight set including a nice China Cat Jam. There were tight jams throughout the set and they can hold a crowd. Definitely fun and I felt a little warmer as they played. Dead Floyd is playing as I write and they have everyone on the dance floor grooving. The thing I think I like about them is that the Dead component of Dead Floyd eliminates the pretension of The Floyd part. The vibe of The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd are diametrically opposed, but like the Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup( I personally do not like chocolate or peanut butter, but I love peanut butter cups, the standard size has the best ratio of chocolate to peanut butter) they sound/taste great together. Pardon my colossal impertinence, but this is what i think.

They make a fine connection, oh lord you no that it is true, they love each other. This is actually right now a play by play. Tat sentence was written as the song was played, how crazy. See ya tommmorow for a Bluegrass Explosion featuring Spring Creek Bluegrass, Handpicked holler Whiskey Tango and the Gristle Gals.

Buntron Smith- Dec 2nd 2009

Ska Reggae a a touch of the blues, Buntron Smith is still new on the scene, but on a cold day they brought warm vibes to Owsley's. I am not totally sure about them, but they have the right spirit and that is one of the most important things in a band. They will play again and as long as they keep developing they will continue to be promising.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reviews: The Missing years

Well, what can I say I was away doing things and as I was doing them other things happened and I did not get as many reviews done as I could, actually i didn't get any done. I wasn't exactly slacking, there were just so many things going on that the reviews took a backseat as did a couple other things. Don't get me wrong these years were very important to me and they have shaped me incredibly, but right now I love just sitting back and enjoying the present. For so long, i was trying to work on the future that I forgot about the most important thing in the world and that is the present, that is what eventually makes the past and is the building block to the future.

I will quote my favorite artist Don Callarman who says that "Things are more like they are now then they ever have been inb the past."

Whiskey Tango Tuesday Dec 1st

Whiskey Tango is a new band that has gone through a couple variations and personnel changes, but it seems like they are settling in to a great groove. They have been Tuesdays pretty regularly since November and they just keep getting better and better. The thing that impresses me most about them is that they bring a great vibe with them. They bring in a dedicated crew of freaks that makes the place feel special. Watch for them as they develop, you will be quite surprised.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

JBird Show Reviews are BACK!!

Well, it has been a few years since the last episodes of JBird show reviews. Good news, they are BACK!! Here are some of the old 04-05 reviews you can read till we get rolling again...

- Jay's Quixotic Music Reviews -

2004/2005 Show Reviews

Zilla with DJ Logic
Saturday March 26th 2005

Zilla stirs up a pot of funk and electronica that makes a stew of sound that sounds only like them. This night was destined to be special not only because it was an SCI late night show, but also DJ Logic became an unexpected guest. The energy was beyond what could have been expected. They started late as the crowd was still filtering in and from what I could see not too many people didn’t have smiles on their faces. The crowd immediately felt the smooth bass lines of Aaron Holstein with Michael Travis’ driving beats over the top. Jamie Janover adds his hammered dulcimer to create a sound that makes it difficult to sit still. Cervantes’ became full with a crowd that wasn’t too concerned with getting home for curfew. DJ Logic came out later in the first set to add some scratchin and more beats for people to get down but rather than take a set break the band slowly left the stage and Logic took over spinning his trademark beats while mixing in some old school funk classics. The band took the stage for the second set with no break in music and gradually melted into Logic’s mix. The energy in the room remained constantly high and positive as if time did not exist. Sometimes these nights just happen. It was past getting late it was now early and the place was still full of dancing people that had been feeling the good vibrations for over 3 hours straight. I can’t remember a better vibe than I felt that night. The music ended and the smiling faces slowly made their way to the door with a night to remember.

Jamie Janover
plays hammered dulcimer (2003 national champion), mini-kit, percussion, sampler, electric kalimba and water.
Michael Travis plays drums, hand percussion, sampler, and 7 string bass.
Aaron Holstein plays bass, guitar, sampler, and sings.

The Frequinox
Thursday February 24th 2005

With this allstar lineup of outstanding musicians, the anticipation was high for a night of well executed old school boogaloo funk. After a great set from the opening act. The Jeff Coffin Mu'tet, which featured Jeff Coffin on sax from Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, The Frequinox came out strong getting the crowd moving. They played though a funky set including my personal highlight of the old school funk cover “Hamps Hump”. For some reason I always forget how much Robert Walter moves me until I see him live. He pours everything he has into that Hammond B3. He seemed at home playing with this group which included Galactic’s Stanton Moore on drums and Robert Mercurio on bass. During the second set, the band invited Jeff Coffin to the stage to trade sax licks with Donald Harrison which ended up being a memorable collaboration. Next time you have the chance to see The Frequinox I highly recommend it as they do not disappoint.

Will Bernard – Guitar (TJ Kirk), Donald Harrison – Saxaphone (Headhunters, Jazz Messengers), Robert Mercurio – Bass (Galactic), Stanton Moore Drums (Galactic) and Robert Walter- Keys

Hot Buttered Rum String Band w/ South Austin Jug Band
Friday January 14th, 2005

This was one of the best nights of bluegrass or any music that I can remember. SAJB tore through their opening set and earned many new fans that came to see HBRSB and weren’t expecting such a fine opener. These guys are young and talented. The fiddle player is only 19 and the mandolin turned 21 that night. This will come into play later. HBRSB features a banjo, flute, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass. They play tight bluegrass with awesome harmonies. I don’t know if looking down on the steal your face stage is an influence or not but if a band knows a dead tune they seem to play it at Cervantes’. HBRSB treated us to a Cumberland Blues in the first set and a US Blues in the second with their own style that was smooth and sweet. Later in the second set, SAJBs mandolin player, Dennis, who was 21 that night tried to join them on stage in what became more of a comedy show than a collaboration. He must have taken every shot that was given to him as he was falling into the other musicians while trying to play his mandolin and keep up with the band which was hopeless. Everyone was in hysterics as Dennis tried to strum along staggering back and forth. I was totally satisfied before HBRSB came out for a second encore and asked everyone to keep quiet as they were going to do an all acoustic no mic jam with all the musicians. They started Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin Nowhere” and my heart rose up in my body. The crowd huddled around the stage and sang along, Whoo-ee! Ride me high

Tomorrow's the day

My bride's gonna come

Oh, oh, are we gonna fly

Down in the easy chair !

What a night that was.
Hot Buttered Rum is:
Erik Yates Banjo, Flutes, Accordion, Clarinet & Vocals
Aaron Redner Fiddle, Mandolin & Vocals
Zachary Matthews Mandolin, Fiddle & Vocals
Nat Keefe Guitar & Vocals
Bryan Horne Double Bass & Vocals

Dark Star Orchestra
New Year's Eve 2004>2005

We like the Dead here, so early in the summer I decided we would get Dark Star Orchestra here because when it is a holiday we like to play dead. At times I thought i might have made a mistake, but then i knew it was the right choice. These guys kick butt and they are the no bitch, have a good time band. Who can complain about hearing the good ole grateful dead on New year's. Some people say they are not the real thing, but the fake thing is pretty fucking cool. This year we decided to do a ballon rise because I have had so much trouble with drops in the past, so we filled up a bunch of yellow ballons and the band did a Here Comes Sunshine to open up the New Year. This was the most fun we could have had on the planet this year and i didn't have to drive or fly anywhere to do it. Thank you DSO for a real good time.

Banyan and Prototype
Sat Nov 27th 2004

This show is a classic case of when everything goes wrong it goes right. Quixote's was supposed to open and it didn't so we had a double booking with a electronic music party call it what you will and Banyan and this was also Quixote's 8th anniversary, but it wasn't there but we were. This is a east meets west confrontation which I thought was going to work out without a hitch and then I get the call that the ravers are going to get their ass kicked by Stephen Perkins and Willie Waldman. So what do I do, I take a bunch of Hunter S. Thompson and get in the mix. Everybody was showing their best stuff and perkins was about to kill me, but we had the place packed to the gills with an audience that never heard them. We sandwiched Banyan in between the electronic music and suddenly they tore the roof off the place. It was the most aggressive the band had every been and it was carrying over to the fans. As I walked through the crowd I felt like I was walking through a gaunlet. This was raw tribal power and I was out of my head. If you were here, you knew that this was a showdown and we fucking kicked ass.

New Monsoon and special last minute guest Tea Leaf Green

Saturday October 30, 2004

History and the tapes will probably bear with me on this one, but today was a hellish day for me. I was trying to make things happen before they were supposed to and this is a bad thing. Sometimes you want something so bad it hurts and you step into unreality for a while. This was one of those days and and I almost went to jail for it. I was pushing things to the limit and the man came by and told me not to anymore. The members of Tea Leaf Green who had just opened for Leftover Salmon at the Fillmore earlier that night were ready to sound check when they were told that they weren’t going to be able to play at Quixote’s. The look of disappointment on their faces was not something that I want to remember. When New Monsoon caught wind of their friends from the Bay Area’s unfortunate circumstances, they immediately suggested that they play a tweener set with their instruments to prevent any downtime in music. This ended up making for a monumental night as the energy and music never stopped for over 4 hours. There was a confused look on many halloweeners that night as the sound changed from the smooth allmanesque sound of New Monsoon to the heavier rockin sound of Tea Leaf Green. I heard a few, “didn’t their used to be more people up there?” as Tea Leaf Green ripped through their set. This band has become one of my favorites and gives me hope for the future. This is actually the way shows should work sometimes, but as bands get bigger they do not allow it too work that way. This is a rare occassion when two bands worked together to make a very special and epic show out of a situation that was not optimal. The tapes and history are going to say something very special went down here tonight, for me it was part nightmare.

Antibalas Afrobeat Project
Friday September 24th

I did not know what to expect form this band, they blew me away. The horns slammed into me the the power of pure adrenalin. I had to dance. I used to dance alot and get into the groove, but after eight years of seeing music nearly everyday, and listening to at least 5 hours of the Grateful Dead every day, I kind of have to have it slam into me and this did. I was dancing and hooting and hollering because this funky latino world beat manifesto made me want feel happy al over and took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Xavier Rudd
Sat Sept 18th, 2004

The australian Keller Williams, he is known to some people, but to me he is Xavier Rudd--a multitalented Didgeridoo player with a ton of spirit and good demeanor. This was a mixture of trance soul and good vibes. This show was a blast and half and a toot to boot.

Archive Reviews (2002-2003)

Sunday, April 7th Phix and Organica

It is somehow appropriate that the debut of Phix at Quixote's was right after the The Simpson's when Phish appeared on that series. Now, i don't know what that is supposed to mean, but it is somehow appropriate and Phix just kicked ass and took names and then Organica played and they did a tolerable set, but the story tonight was Phix and once they played it bvecame Phoolhardy to do anything else. So that is the way it was on this day and that is the way it will remain.

Saturday, April 6th Larry

This band has a unique movement in their songs as they seeming plod through it then suddenly turn it on and strike. They are reptilian I would say with their combination of patience and speed. Or you could say that they are a bunch of good old boys from texas that used to be professional mudwrestlers turned musicians. Niether of these descriptions are correct, but somewhere in between lies the answer.

Friday, April 5th Zigaboo Modeliste

This legendary drummer has an album that in no way shows off his ability. This show was incredible and dumbfounded me after I heard the CD. The drumming was superd during the show, but most importantly it was only a small part of a band that thoroughly gelled through and through.

Thursday, April 4th Granola Funk Express

This is the band that we swore would never play here again, but tsince we changed where here was, it seemed that we would be able to put aside our differences because we really were about the same thing overall. This is the band I want to dislike, but they always show me that I am wrong. This band impresses me because they are not afraid to say something, they stand for something and that is really special in these days. This is a band that I learned to respect and because they showed me something that was great inside them. This band is a band I can look up to even though I don't always agree with them. God bless diversity.

Wednesday, April 3rd Wet Beaver Project

With a name like this you need to kick ass from start to finish, this band was good, but they did not defend there name properly.

Tuesday, April 2nd Funky Babylonians

Sunny and the Funky Babylonians have a great vibe and sound that sometimes is transcendent, but at other times falls flat. Once they can even out this mix they will be on there way to greatness.

Sunday, March 31st 4th Plane Jaiant

This band had a heavier feel on the CD, but they came in, toned and down and did an acoustic set which complimented this room beautifly. This band was a pleasant surprise and they knew how to play to the audience that they had. This is definitely something that bands need to learn how to do more often . A band that can transform itself and develop different styles is not selling out, they just know how to be diverse and that is one quality that bands need to cultivate.

Saturday, March 30th Vince Welnick and Lazy Lightning

Lazy Lightning has what it takes to take the audince to the limit of there energy field. This band packs each song they do with there fullest amount of energy and then proceeds to give there next song the same amount of energy. They keep on reaching into there pockets and find another burst of energy and then they finished the show with a Baba O'Reilly that brought everyone into a frenzy of excitement. It is on a night like this when all the walls of pretention are torn down that we know everything we have done so far has been worth it.

Thursday and Friday, March 28th and 29th Vince Welnick & Jeff Pevar w/ One Kind Favor

The dynamic duo of Vince Welnick & Jeff Pevar provides enough pow for your money and the band is no slouch. So we were treated to a different blend of songs which had some energy that overcame some rusty points. These nights had elements of magic, but the real magic came the third day.

Wednesday, March 27th SCHFVILKUS

This band has some many consonants you will not believe itis possible, but possible it is and they are able to create impossible sounds. This band is jazz and they jazz it pretty well going way out there filling the musical void with as many notes as they they put consonants in a word.

Tuesday, March 26th Bumba's Creation

This band is one that has alot of promise, but still has a long way to go. This band produces great sound at times, but sometimes it does not know how to weild its groove. sometimes it gets stuck in a certain jam and needs to develop a way to get out with a little more precision. Give this band time and they will create an awesome and awe-inspiring show.

Monday, March 25th Log and Freeleaf

Step into another dimension, a dimension of the weird, step into the world of Log and become a freak like you used to be when you were a kid. Remember when you were weird , before they blended you into society and you had to get jobs. imagine being weird forever and never having to dress in a suit to impress the truely weird. Come see Log and get some free cheese and maybe a slim Jim for your cover.

Sunday, March 24th Global Funk Council

This show was at the end of a busy week and so the energy of the place was stolen, but Global Funk did a revved up show anyway. It was just not the right time although it was the right place. We will see them again in the future and it will be better.

Saturday, March 23rd Liza and the Soulstars

Flying Lu was supposed to play, but we fiddled about and Flying Lu did not play, so we were stuck with the screechy vocals of Liza and this made no one happy. So now this will never happen again here, someone else will have to listen to this someday.

Friday, March 22nd Ray's Music Exchange

The first time I saw these guys they were average, but today they were spectacular as they bent the notes and moved us into a fury of musical appreciation. What became of this band, no it must be what I misssed because this band is A#1 stellar freakshow.

Thursday, March 21st Terrapin Nation

This is not about the teenage mutant ninga turtles, this is the oft repeated experiment of keeping a secret that never works, but the people that you tell the truth too never believe it. They will look you in the eye and question you. How do you know it is Dark Star Orchestra, Are you sure? Look guy, I booked the show and I talked to the band and they say they are Terrapin Nation, but they are really DSO. Really, yes, really and If you don’t trust me, you might want to go to the end of the line because there are many people who want to come in that are not so bewildered. Okay, if its not them I will give your money back, but not if the guitarist does a backflip and breaks his neck. No refunds for broken necks, that’s my rule and I will stick to it.

So the show was a mostly jerry show and it was spectacular. And it was them , except it wasn’t because Bobby did not play, but everyone was happy with the show because John Kadlechik does a superb job with the vocals, setting up the doors of perception to be wide open for the seeming re-emergence of Jerry Garcia.

Wednesday, March 20th New Country Kitchen

The new country kitchen has the flavor that makes you get up and dance like a noodle on marinara high.

Tuesday, March 19th Netwerk Electric

Okay, so they spell their name wrong, nobody knew that bad spelling would mean you were cool in the future, but it helps. Quiet Riot did miracles with the double entendred “cum” then Prince followed up with his own bad spelling and so netwerk electric expects to repeat that with their glaring misspelling. However, this band not only spells wrong, but they play well and the guitar player is phenomenal although he does not do flips while he plays guitar. I once heard of a guitar player that did this but he broke his neck of his head not of the guitar. That would be uncool, but it might have been cool to be there even though the whole thing would have sucked. Would you ask for your money back?

Monday, March 18th Halias

This band came and produced a tornado of sound and lights. We sat therein the bands vortex of electronic swirls and manipulations and we were mesmerized and then they left never to be seen again.

Saturday and Sunday, March 16th and 17th Chief Broom

Our favorite band of all time returns, is it really our favorite, it could have been at least if it never left. This is still one of the greatest bands that I have seen and the lucky few that saw this band in action will never forget it. D-Train, Jess and Putnam are so creative and talented that their worst efforts put others to shame. D-train’s vocals are haunting and Jess and Putnam play off each other perfectly and when the band played Cold Water everyone was mesmerized.

I would do anything to make this band play another show.

Friday, March 15th Will Bernard and Motherbug

This is one class act and spacey but precise guitar stands out directing a very beautiful vibe and trajectory. The music catapults you into another world. Check this band out the next time you have a chance, you will not regret it unless the roof caves in during the show and you die because I told you to go to the show. On second thought stay home.

Thursday, March 14th Big Tasty

Today Brad did not get naked so that he could get closer to the band and we are thankful for that, but someday he will. He did like them very much today and he got drunk and said “I love you guys, you are awesome, what is your name.”

Wednesday, March 13th Liquid Foundation

Well, they are no Liquid Boomerang and you can thank God that they are not. This trance funk rock puts out a good fucking product that keeps you grooving.

Tuesday, March 12th Entrain

This percussive based band takes you on a trip up a down a very full and fresh river. What a nice ride.

Monday March 11th Digital Underground

Tonight I learned something and had some fun to boot. This show was remarkable in the energy of the audience because it was a huge fucking party. The whole ship was swaying with this one.

One word---Awesome!!!

Sunday March 10th, Bomshanka and Threee Degrees of Freedom

I had two bands booked and no one showed, sometimes you just can’t prepare enough.

Saturday, March 9th Bumba’s Creation and River

These two bands did a tag team combo that gave the crowd a one two punch. People really didn’t think this was fair, but they accepted it and danced anyways.

Friday March 8th The Miltones

The mighty mighty Miltones turn it up and produce a knock down rambunctious party. This band is always fun.

Thursday, March 7th Jyemo

This bnad has a really good vibe and idea and sometimes they execute it to the tee, but they have changeed members lately and have not gelled. They will get there someday.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, March 4th, 5th and 6th Ekoostik Hookah

This band has done some wonderful shows and some sub par shows, thankfully this series of shows was tight throughout. When this band is on they rank up there with some of the best. Someday, I will make it to Hookahville and see them in their prime.

Sunday, March 3rd Juice

This was the least juiciest of the juice shows, but I have faith that this band will get some more juice and conquer the world.

Saturday, March 2nd The Motet

Fuck yeah, this band has the capability of making anyone dance like no one is watching, so watch out as you enter the dance floor because no one will be watching and you might get bumped around.

Friday, March 1st The Clumsy Lovers

Ok, you can say it, because soon everyone will be saying it, you can not help but loving this band. They are raging Celtic Folk and they kick ass so much so that every time they play someone gets kicked out and is so mad that they got kicked out they demand reentry for an hour and then we need to call the cops and they still won’t leave. Finally they are handcuffed and go to jail. And this nice little band always turns one folk into a raging celtic maniac. Cool, maybe, maybe you took a wrong turn and entered the Twilight Zone.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday February 26th, 27th and 28th Project/Object w/ Ike Willis and Napoleon Murhy Brock

This band is cool because it takes almost a full page to write there name. No review is necessary because just the title looks bulky enough. Simply put this band is so good that you join their family as they play. This band is not really a band, but a family , dysfunctional in just the right ways that you always wanted your family to be disfunctional. Yeah, I know it seems weird that I say that but it is so true. You will join too when you see this band. It is not a band, it is the Borg.

Sunday, February 24th Alma Melidiosa

This band with a latino flavor creates an soothing calming atmosphere of music. They have an elegant sound which needs to be packaged to cure souls. This music was pure mother nature songs. What the hell do you mean by that Jay, are you crazy, well maybe a little, but if you read what it says and put all the words together and sit back and imagine then you probably have a pretty good idea of this band, not so good that you shouldn’t go see them, but good enough for the time being.


Saturday, February 23rd Crispy Critters

The once and future kings of Colorado kick some butt as they compete with the dope Front for the , what the hell are we talking about, good show, uh yea

Friday, February 22nd Mosaic

Bitchen’ groove rock of the first degree. But Jessica really doesn’t groove at all as I think about it. She growls and tears people apart. She definitely does not groove, she may make you groove, but she does not. Jessica simply kicks ass. Find out why she is our favorite female singer.

Thursday, February 21st Moment of Release w/ Oakhurst

The first time these guys played they packed it, and now they did not do as good. The energy was not here this time and it was sorely missed. This band has some talent, but it seems like they don’t always hit on all cylinders. I expect this will improve with time though.

Wednesday, February 20th United Dope Front

This show is uh, I forget, it is like wow, good, I am not really sure, this band is really high or am I, I am not sure, but I think we are in agreement that there was a show here and people showed up and then the band played and then, uh, I forget.…

Tuesday, February 19th Dr. Didg and DJ Harry

When you come to see the doctor, you will literally be blown away because he does thing s with a Didg that you never imagined. I am saying this with confidence because I am relatively sure that you do not sit around your room imaging people doing things with Didgereedoo’s but if you do shame on you.

Sunday, February 17th Om Trio

This trio busts ass and takes jazz to the masses showing everyone that jazz is not for wimps. It can kick ass also. Listen and you will see that this is not no ordinary band, but a gang of jazz mercenaries.

Saturday, February 16th Zen Tricksters

This band has so much talent, but they are a little disjointed right now, they have yet to mesh with their new players, but you know they have it in them, so you wait patiently and see the glimmers of hope and you know this band will rise again like the tricksters that they are.

Friday, Feb 15th One Kind Favor

This band brings so much to the table, but sometimes they take a while to get everything there. It starts out slow and builds into this thing of greatness that you say to yourself, why have they waited so long to break out the goodies.

Thursday, February 14th Banyan

Ok, I like Mike Watt, but I think that Banyan works so much better with Rob Wasserman. This Banyan was the aggressive one, which I do not think works as well on Valentine’s Day for me. But that is my opinion, and I thought this band was great just not what I preferred today. They will return though and I will groove to the intense tribal drumming of Stephen Perkins.

Wednesday, February 13th Population Zero

A jingly jangly sound which makes the whole world smile, but only a prozac smile. This band has some zip, but it seems ass if they don’t use their powers correctly.

Tuesday, February 12th Topaz

Oh once in awhile we get an update from Jay, has finally came out of seclusion and done the updates. Yes, it seems so and he starts here and it is going to be a rusty review because he has not done one in awhile. Can he still write, possibly, but he might just do a shorty here as he gets back in practice. This band was fun and they were not drunk and they created a serious funk that made me want to write again. Topaz has what it takes to tear a room apart. , so watch out because this band packs a wallop.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday February, 7th, 8th and 9th Garaj Mahal

Never has one band rocked so hard. These shows were monster, but they do not compare to the one at the old Quixote's. That was beyond expectations. Perhaps nothing will compare to the first time that you were absolutely blown away by a bad. But this weekend I saw a band rise to the top of the hippie heap. This band plays together as a team on a pure adrenalin high. This band has so much energy, so much dedication so much innovation in every note. They put most bands to shame. This band is a monster. They are not going to be huge, they are huge now. They just need to be recognized. They left everyone with gigantic perma-grins.

Thursday, February 7th Rising Lion

A nice rasta vibration filled the air, but the highlight for me was a beautiful Ripple dedicated to this place. Thank you for the blessing.

Wednesday, Feb 6th Liquid Boomerang

Rarely do you see a band self-destruct on stage, but this time it happened. The drummer came in drunk because he didn't get arrested for a DuI so he drank a bunch and then drove here to drink so more the band started playing and suddenly the keyboard player picked up his keyboard and left, but we wish evryone else did at the time because this was extremely painful. So it went on , but luckily this band ran out of material which since they asked me to play for a year they should have had more but obviously they practiced asking me to play more then they practiced.

So my opinion is if you see that Liquid Boomerang is playing anywhere in town drive away as fast as you can to another city anywhere as long as you can avoid hearing one wretched note.

Tuesday Feb 5th Oakhurst

This band hasgot some solid playin in them, but they are still pretty raw. It is fun right now, but they need to harness that energy into something better.

Sunday Feb 3rd Recycled Future

These guys are bombastic is what I say. They produce some great fuckin grooves and they follow up pretty good, but they still need to change it up alittle more. They are consistent, but that is consistent to a fault right now. This band needs to stir it up a little, but they certainly have the potential to kick ass.

Friday and Saturday February 1st and 2nd Spookie Daly Pride

Wowie, Zowie, this bnad zaps you with some childish carnival energy that you had when you were a kid. You run around going wow can you do that can we jump on that ride while I stick this cotton candy in my mouth what about peanuts coke, look ma the clown sensory overload and you love it because there is too much of everything you want can I ride that too. This colorful pastiche of a band kicks as as you dip into some marchmallow pie in a musical wonderland of flavors. This band makes you feel alive and kicking. Eat it up, because this band is a true original and they will rise to the top wand never forget the bottom. The future is here and its name is Spookie.

Thursday, January 31st Changes

This Fort Collins band has a nice groove and certainly can do some damage if they put the legos together correctly but it seems now that they are so close and yet so far. Let's see what happens with these guys. I am hoping for the best.

Wednesday, January 30th Senator Slick

Once again I was very impressed with this band, that I thought I might not like. Senator Slick had a nice jam and great lyrics and plodded along at a nice enjoyable pace. What a treat.

Tuesday, January 29th Princes of Babylon

This was a show that I was not really amped about, but once this band started playing they changed my tune pretty quick. They have energy soul and great vocals. I was very impressed with the basic style which turned my head.

Sunday, January 27th Super V

This badn has so much potential, but they have slowed down a bit. It seems as if they have not utilized their full potential and so they have receded into the background. Hopefully they get to it and show us what they can do. They have stagnated and that is the worse thing a band can do. I know that this band can kick ass, so let's see them do it.

Friday and Saturday January 25th and 26th Wise Monkey Orchestra

This band has surely run the gamut of shows through Quixote's. They have had colossal shows and shows beneath contempt. These were somewhere in between on the more redeeming side so I walked away happy. A band is only as good as their last show so this band proved themselves to be contenders. The mixture of loungy disco hippie jam suits them well and as long as they keep developing more power to them.

Thursday, January 24th Soulpatch

Well, we started out folky and then we jumped in the rockers and got a little harder and harder. This is good stuff, but it is a little edgy.

Wednesday, January 23rd Home Cookin'

This was a nice good vibe music which has elements of bluegrass folk and rock. It holds it own and provides plenty to digest as you listen. Try it you will like it.

Tuesday, January 22nd Acoustic Semi

I know they mean the vehicle when they say semi, but it seems like it might mean half. Perhaps they mean both at once which would make a whole instead of a half, in that case even though it was whole it would still be half, which leaves a big hole in the halves. So the story kind of goes like this, if you want the whole thing you need to take half to get there. Some people don't understand this and they try and get the whole at once and so the don't get the half of it. Does this make sense to you, it makes sense to me. Well, the music was good, but that is only half the story, get it. The other half you will not hear, and music is about hearing so if you can't hear what good is it.

Sunday, January 20th Solomon Grundy

I saw this show and I was still freakin from the last show. So it does not compare, but this was good shit. It was trancy electronically inhabited world with enough rock'n'roll to make a difference. Viva la difference, I say, because I am not Roger Ebert with food stuffed in my mouth. I am Jay and I do not eat as much as Roger so it is likely that I can say stuff without food falling out of my mouth. I liked these guys and I hope they come back. That sounds lame. Maybe I will just say two thumbs up.

Saturday, January 19th Willie Waldman Project

Oh my fucking god, was this the show of the month or the year. Wow, what you saw today cannot be repeated for it was truly transcendental. Anyband that travels with a guy named wisdom has got to three jumps ahead of the rest of the frogs. This was a march into insanity where you realize that you have been held hostage by some terrible sanity. Get your groove on with multimedia explosion and keep rocking in the free world because the members of this band coming from a variety of sources such as Ratdog, Smashing Pumpkins and Banyan were not toying with us, they came here to twist and distort our perceptions into something liquid and beautiful. If I were Roger Ebert I would probably have my mouth filled with food and not be able to say anything so I would give this show two thumbs up.

Friday, January 18th Mosaic

Jessica Rules. This should be scrawled on every batroom in America and it is a crying shame that it is not. Not that I am advocating graffiti, but if since this goal will probably not be realized we need it scrawled at leat on the bathroom in the white house because if the white house knew about this girl they would probably be a lot smarter and wouldn't be trying to invade any country rather they would get in line at Quixote's to see and hear her. Billions on defense would be diverted to Jessica and then we would have a perfect nation, but right now we have to settle for stupid white people ruling the world.

Thursday, July 17th Guy Smiley Blues Exchange

This funky collaboration rocks and rolls and keeps the groove going. With guy Smiley as your namesake you better kick as or you better take off.

Wednesday, January 16th Carlos Washington And Giant People Ensemble

This new century soul has definitely got touches of greatness in it, but sometimesit has not found the right groove yet. The personel keeps on changing so just about when they are abgout to find the groove they need to start over.

Tuesday, January 15th Papa Yah

Folky dylanesque soul is what is here, but it needs a little more of something. This band is so close, yet they are so far.

Sunday, January 13th Bootyjuice

I know the name does not conjure up anything remotely that you want to experience, but these guys are pleasant enough once you get past their secretions.

Saturday, January 12th Matt Flinner Quartet

Bluegrass jazz moving from pretty pastoral scenes to spacy realms. The landscapes that this band paints are epic.

Friday, January 11th MoRealms

Like I always say, follow Dave Watts and you can do no wrong. This show was a mindbender and he just threw it all together. The hardest working man in Boulder keeps the innovative beat. This show just kept on building in intensity making you want to explode. Smiles abounded as everyone in the room knew tonight they had made the right choice.

Thursday, January 10th Tall Trees Grove

Bluegrass is what this band does and they do it well, but it is almost to proper. America is a bastard child and bluegrass is a bastard child so it needs to keep the bastardization going. If you focus too well on one thing then you become proper and that is the death of it all. Keep it fressh and new and the tall trees wil grow beyond all expectation.

Wednesday, January 9th Bumba's Creation

Well, well, well, you can never and with this band i surely can't tell yet, they have the makings of a great band but they need to get some vocals to tie it all together. They jam it out pretty good, but sometimes you need just a little bit more . . . stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 8th Aguadulce

This band has a sweet name and they sound great, but they need a little more je ne sais pas to make it. Their sweet latino tinged sound is quite beautiful and tasteful. Yet, they need to prove themselves on the road. They need to stretch and pull and come together. This is the hardest part and until a band can be happy on the road they best not travel. It takes a certain personality to make it, talent is not enough.

Sunday, January 6th Blue Light Soul

The day of the epiphany is when this band played and I do not think that they ever played again after this. I guess they had an epiphany.

Friday and Saturday Jan 4th and 5th Jeff Pevar w/ One Kind Favor

Jeff Pevar has an intensity of playing that is quite infectious. He leans back and plays as if he was on a Harley and that is how he plays with muscle. His playing is not for the squeamish, it is for the few and the proud. He transforms Dead songs to their raw intensity. This was sweet.

Friday January 4th Tony Furtado early show

Tony Furtadoalways does something special and this time he christened the new year right with a performance that while subdued transformed the room. It is a blessing to have this performer come out and play. He is accurate with his notes and puts them to use on your soulstrings very effectively.

Thursday, January 3rd Global Funk Council

This band played their first show some thirty days ago in California, but news travels fast these days and this band has a following. That is real fucking fast, but if you have members of Karl Denson and Giant People in your band and you sound this good immediately people will find you. This band just started playing and you knew something special was happening. Go see them. You will not regret it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2002 Purple Buddah

Happy New Year!! Well, no one passed a stone, but somehow the uneventfulness of the night did not translate into an event. This show was quite an improvement over the last one, but it is one of the harder days to make something happen. So it was quite an improvement, but they still have a long way to go and at least we are at the very beginning of the year and we have much time before we get to the end.

- 2002 -

Sunday and Monday, December 30th and 31st Larry and Lazy Lightning

Well, this was the week to get your LLLL's worth at Quixote's and it seems like we did. Larry slang some mud on their instruments and laid down that dirty groove on the first night and then they did it again. Lazy Lightning made us feel like slobbering newborn babies as we watched them proceed to give this room another lesson in obedience. They made this room with their mind-expanding notes acrobating across the room. Larry came back to educate us on the finer aspects of note bending . And so we continued to jam in J's garage until we wore ourselves out. This was a pleasant night and a good way to celebrate our newfound home.

Saturday, December 29th Likewise

Aspen's Rock and roll party animals add a twist of panic and then set the notes twirling through the room. This band knows how to feed off the room and give a little back.. They have no pretentions and that is what makes them so fun to see.

. Friday, December 28th Swivel Hips Smith

The hardest thing to do is follow up on a kick ass show, but the hipsters did their best. They would say that this did not happen, but happen it did even though the energy was lower. This band is quality and they play well in the most adverse of situation. I would book them during an earthquake.

Thursday, December 27th Schwahhh

This band is doing their last show tonight because they put too many hhh's in their name. Another talented band goes by the wayside because they reached a point where they were no longer developing. They peaked and now they lost some energy, but this show was exciting to see and at least they kept the good vibes flowing The players in this band are good, now they have the difficult task of reinventing themselves. This can be a difficult road.

. Wednesday, December 26th River

This young band is starting to grow up rapidly. I think they are taking some growth hormones or something like that because they are something more then what they used to be each time they play. Does that make sense? Each time this band plays they become something more then what they were. Like a chameleon shedding their skin they just continue to change.

Sunday, December 23rd Sliquid

Denver's hometown heroes produce some licks and create a nice atmosphere. They have a 70's feel and I think they should cover every song on Freedom Rock.

Saturday, December 22nd United Dope Front

Somehow this band of urban dance funk always puts the grit into the groove and kicks out the jams. Do remember when people talked about kicking out the jams all day and all night. I am not sure if this band kicks out the jams the way they did back in the day, but they certainly kick out the jams the way they would kick them out if people kicked them out today.

Friday, December 21st Flying Lu

This jazzy experimental band has the gritty grooves and the cosmic melodies to fly and fly they did, yet it seemed like it flew without engaging or perhaps everyone got distracted. What was the alignment of the planets today, oh my god, Venus was in retrograde. I can't even believe we did a show on this day. How bogus.

Thursday, December 20th Big Tasty

I wasn't so sure about this band when they first started playing, but they slowly slipped into the zone and started to kick some major ass. This band was very tasty indeed as they moved from tempting covers to rockin' originals. I t was a treat to have this band dictate the atmosphere of the bar.

Wednesday, December 19th The Flow

Calypso island rock form Michigan provides me with an adequate description of this band that wears more orange then you thought was made. I thought I had some goggles on, but they just really like that color and it seems to fit them so I think it is good. They have a great desert island feel.

Saturday December 15th Shanti Groove

Well, I have been calling them grove for so long no and finally I realized that they are a groove not a grove, but to me they are a grove of groove and so be it-- we shall not be mistaken again. This groovy grove kicks bluegrass ass...

Friday, December 14th Ray's Music Exchange and Mosaic

Mosaic provides a folky background and interlaces a rock landscape upon it. This works fine and Jessica's stage presence is unbelievable. If you ever wanted to find the perfect vocalist for your band you may have found one here. She was born to be on stage. Ray's Music Excange followed up the show with a jazzy exploration into the bizarre, the dissonant and finally through some perfectly fitted jams which left you bedazzled.

Thursday, December 13th Billspeering

Trading on the edge of the interzone is this trance groove band that feels artsy, but resides in the real world which means you can catch their groove and feel enlightened also while you warble between the barstools dreaming.

Wednesday, December 12th New Jack Hippies and Moment of Release

Moment of Release started out the show with a bang. They were pleasantly punchy and true to their own sound. This band I had no desire to book again after their first gig. I would like to say that I was wrong and glad to admit it because these guys were smart to make me eat my words. Well, they came in and packed a wollop and ev3eryone was happy and then they had to go. The New Jack Hippies took the stage next, but they were never able to recapture the the momentum of the moment. They were cool blues inspired hippy rock, but they were left in the afterburn...

Tuesday, December 11th Michelle and the Book of Runes and Sliquid

Michelle put on an inspired rock'n'roll show for her birthday that was just plain fun. This was heartfelt and rocking. Bravo! Then came Sliquid with its every other show personality finally showed up two times in a run. This show was good, not spectacular but not terrible. It seemed like they used to waiver between great and subpar, now they are gaining a tighter range of sounds which makes them more predictable as far as playing level. Picasso Moon kicked butt.

Sunday, December 9th Super V

This bubbly Phishy fluid like groove band stands tall among the Denver bands. They put a smile on your face and keep it there.

Saturday, December 8th Yamagata

A slight build and then a violent yet soothing eruption of sound. That's Yamagata for you and they kick butt.

Friday, December 7th Acoustic Semi

This band has a talent for weaving in and out of the garden. They do so very good bringing in their own folky originals into a psychidelic stew of Floyd and Dead. You start out wondering and then your mind wanders and then they bring you back to the beginning when you were wondering. No one is on a steady surface, but it works like waterbugs skimming the surface of the pond.

Thursday, December 6th Zuppa's New Country Kitchen

Italian bluegrass mixing the suave and debonair with some sinister and grit. I like it!!!!

Wednesday, December 5th Recycled Future

This three piece band is bombastically funky. They work the basic grooves into an immensely enjoyable dance groove and they do my favorite song "I love my shirt."

Tuesday, December 4th Electric Mind Control Workshop

This percussive based groove thing has alot of heart and soul and it kicks butt mostly, but sometimes its vocals are a little less than desirable. So, what do you do, keep on singing and working on it until it flies because it will eventually.

Sunday, December 2nd Jyemo

The Jyemo evolution is here and they keep on evolving. This too was a rare and different breed.

Saturday, December 1st Victor Barnes

This crazy bluegrass phenomenon infects wildly in different directions. Victor Barnes resembles some kind of muppet version of that phenomenon. You know the opening scence of The Muppet Show, those big burly muppets just plowing throughtht e songs and kicking butt. Making the crowd go wild. Tonights show was good, but suddenly near the end it got real good. They suddenly took off and blossomed.

Friday, November 30th The Miltones

Once in a while you get shown the medley of panic dead stew and you take a bite and it tastes good. So you come back for more and it still tastes good.

Thursday, November 29th Big Muddy

Sometimes the best talents and bands run adrift because they are not in the right situation. So it is true with Big Muddy. The individuals in this band are spectacular, but somehow the band does not have enough tension to pull them apart and back together. This band can make it, but they need something else to carry them through. They need some kind of thing to push pull and tug them. Some kind of different chemistry, another protagonist, something to deepen the plot.

Wednesday, November 28th Running with Sally

Ride Sally Ride. This band has an indomitable spirit which keeps them always in the running.

Tuesday, November 27th Changes

This band felt a little classic rock, but were pure hippy jam which means that they do not suck. This band does hang on a noodly note. They produce the noodles to extrapolate on the meat and potatoes that they produce. That seems pretty self-explanatory. If you have any questions about this review please keep them to yourselves because you will only further complicate matters. Let's just say the band was quite good.

Sunday, November 25th The Levels

This funky rock brigade plays a well-balanced and fun show. They keep you dancing and smiling throughout.

Friday and Saturday, November 23 and 24 Lazy Lightning featuring Pete Sears

This is the stuff that dreams are made of. It was over the top, at times you could close your eyes and imagine that you were at a Dead show with it highs and lows. Yes, sometimes this seemed average, but most of the time it was as if you were at a Dead show. Yes, this show brought tears to my eyes. There were moments during this show taht were transcendent such as the sweet Uncle John's Band or the Going Down The Road. No one left this show feeling bad, i guarantee it.

Happy Anniversary Quixote's!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21st One Kind Favor

Not your ordinary bluegrass band, in fact these guys seem to mostly do Dead Stuff. No they are not necrophiliacs!!

Tuesday, November 20th Jack Straw

Not your ordinary everyday Dead cover band. No this band is not a Dead cover band at all. They are the living personification of what you would imagine jack straw to be if you never heard of a Dead song called Jack Straw.

What the fuck kind of bogus review is that Jay, you little mother fucker you did not review a thing.

Oh really I think I did and I think the imagery that you have garnered from my description gives you the most accurate review of this band possible. I guess I could have said acoustic bluegrass with people singing songs, very rural climate emanating from the stage, but would that have helped? I don't know!!!

Sunday, November 18th MFA

Motioon for Alliance sits in the new trance theme park as a newcomer with an art-school background. This is the future of music and this band is ready to jump on it once the whole things explodes. And explode it will...

Saturday, November 17th Matt Flinner Quartet w/ Fuzzchunk

Fuzzchunk began the early show with a punch and a harder edged solid jam.

Matt Flinner Quartet always brings a nice refined jazzy bluegrass improv to the stage. He mixes genres smoothly so that you would never know that they could be unmixed. If one person can transform a room it is he.

Friday, November 16th Swivel Hips Smith

Once in a while a band shows up and vanquishes all doubts. This band did just that today as they demonstrated that they can kick some mother-fuckin ass. Swivel Hips tore this place up as they created some of the best grooves to date. It was their CD Release Party and they made it a party to remember. It reminds of those ads on the back of comics when the skinny gets sand kicked in his face only to come back and demolish the guy who embarassed him. This band showed up to play and they were monsters. This band has gone a long way from its humble beginnings.

Thursday, November 15th Likewise and Three Degrees of Freedom

Three Degrees Started out his show with a poppy sensibility which had an infectious groove, Likewise batted clean-up and produced some serene cool hippy jams which resembled panic, but was not so frenzied. Both bands did their own thing and did it well.

Wednesday, November 14th Gin Project

Somewhere on the edge of a desert highway music and performance art melded and someone brought it back up here and then everyone got weird and ate a bunch of bananas and the everyone said woo wee and the band started to play and that was it . . . This band mixes theatrical with rock and does a pretty good job of it.

Tuesday, November 13th Soulpatch

I really can't remember this show because it did not happen. Except it did, it did happen with somebody else. Magically Swivel Hips Smith appeared and began to groove and funk and all that jazz and it was nice. Sometimes things happen even when you think that things are not happening.

Sunday, November 11th Bumba's Creation

This band has a good funky groove and they seem like they will be able to grow. This is probably the most important thing about music-- to grow and I think Bumba is a that the beginning of it's creation. They have not bungled yet.

Saturday, November 10th Crispy Critters

It seems that this band of freaks that like to get crispy has evolved from the critters that spawned them. They have become a legitimate force in the community spawning critters here and there while they continue to grow. This band is not letting time slip away, they are using it the utmost in their quest for excellence . . .

Friday, November 9th Zeut

Zeut has a pop sensibility with a hippie groove. They tread onto both territories without faltering. However, it seems that this band needs to do something more as they have stayed a steady course for too long. In order for a band to progress they must falter.

Thursday, November 8th Chronophonic

This band is zappaesque with moments of dissonance and melodic interludes. They are quite a fun quirky experience that elevates the soul while orienting the body.

Wednesday, November 7th Giant People featuring Carlos Washington

This band is part of the new century soul funk collective. That is how they half describe and I half describe it. This is dance music for the new millenium. It has a loose and cool groove frees your body and soul.

Tuesday, November 6th Purple Buddah

Passing kidney stones and rock n roll don't mix so understandably this show was not up to par. I will review this band another time when they do not have this problem.

Sunday, November 4th Sliquid

Sliquid always is able to pull some kind of rabbit out of its hat playing songs that you would never expect. From J. Geils Centerfold to The Grateful Dead's Picasso Moon, this band shines. The China-Rider was outstanding. Rock'n'roll is a lot of things, but it should never be boring and this band certainly is not boring.

Wednesday-Saturday, October 31st, November 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mountain of Venus

This is truly a band that makes me smile from the time they walk in the venue until the time they leave. They exude the age of Aquarius. Whatever theoretical distance that exists between the performer and the audience dissipates when they walk into the room. Perhaps this will be difficult to continue as this band grows, but they have it. This band tickles the emotion and makes you feel the way you did when you first began to like music. You knew that your heroes were cool and that you could relate to them and with this band none of these myths are debunked. It is not a band which commands and demands, but allows you to grow with them. When they start to groove, you are able to ride with them all the way. You are amazed, but not forgotten. They make a pact with the audience that is not soon forgotten.

That is a weird review, let us forget what I said and just say this band of flower power freaks kicks ass.

Tuesday, October 30th Bagneo

This band has a good spirit that just rocks. They have fun laying down the licks and that is real important. The energy from the stage was overwhelming.

Sunday October 28th River

It was fressh to see this band back because this is one of the bands that gave me hope even when things were the worst. This band made me believe and know that Quixote's must return. They are not magical yet, but someday they just might be.

Friday and Saturday<>

Tuesday, May 29th Big Smooth

This smooth funk comes with a battery pack in tow. this is what you need to make your footloose and fancy free. Cooll jams good spirit.

Monday, May 28th Uncle Bob

For what it is worth, these guys were quite good and seemed to have the right groove, but now I learn they are no longer, so we will just have to think of them as they were with a splash of spunk and skill and wit.

Sunday, May 27th San Pedro Circus
This band had a tight groove with a touch of angst built into it which created anice melting pot of sounds. They were not exactly hippie, but they were not exactly punk. They were hip-punk.

Saturday, May 26th Ordinary K

Street level urban music which have moments of greatness, but this band tends to self-destruct at inopprotune times. They are somewhat what they claim to be-somewhat ordinary.

Friday, May 25th Super V

They were back again and they dazzled people with their technical prowess. This band has a great vibe and well-thought out movments. They are what they calim to be -- SUPER.

Thursday, May 24th billspeering and bugpowder

This rockin' combo of trance pseudo trash freak-a-zoid haedspinning sounds uses their respective gadgets well. They whirrr and purr and go zim-zam-zoom. What the fuck, try them they are good, like ice cream good. Try it try it you will see. . . this is arena rock in confined spaces and the bands blended into eachother seamlessly.

Wednesday, May 23 Single Malt Band

This band has expanded its horizons from the first time they played here. Dungeons and dragons they are no more. They are a legitmate band with a vey good sound. This is soothing, but energetic bluegrass based rock'n'roll.

Tuesday, May 22 Schwahh

This band started tonight with a steamroller full of energy and used it all to its fullest extent. This show was perfect from beginning to end. This was their best show ever here and every note was well-spent. Bravo, this band has graduateed.

Monday, May 21st River

Once again this band has a magic feeling about them that makes you realize that the celebrated end of the world has been pushed back a few years.

Sunday, May 20th Hairplane

This little psychedelic funk blues thing plays with a certain expectation and creates very energetic songs. They are young, but they play well and they play with their heart, so they will grow and grow.

Saturday, May 19th Brother Otis

It seems like this band has an element of reggae mixed with hippie jam rock and roll, but their effort although solid lacked some punch. It had all the elements, but it did not have the certain something to put it over the top. I will definitely bring them back because they abound in possibilities and potential.

Friday, May 18th The Miltones

This band returned once again and this time they were better, not exponentially, but much better. They have tightened their sound up again and provide the same great element of fun in their shows. These guys are keepers.

Wednesday, May 16th Rebel Elyes

Reggae with an element of street trance funk mixed created quite a stir. This band is good, but they still need to become more solid. It was full of good ideas and vibes, but the music needs to advance so that they can push their program.

Tuesday, May 15 Bagneo

They came in changed their name because they thought The Playground was plain stupid and they proved themselves a very viable force even after recess ended. So now they are Bagneo and they play well-beyond recess. This was a very good energetic show.

Sunday, May 14 Greyhounds

This banded provided a strong funk groove to create a very nicely textured jam. They are consistent so far, but they have not totally expanded my soul yet. Give them time.

Saturday, May 12 Lazy Lightning w/ Buddy Cage

Lazy Lightning is without fail the most dependable band around and when they play with Buddy tonight they strutted their stuff. This was a great show and although Buddy provided some ammo, it was Lazy Lightning that provided the bulk of the fireworks. They are als\ways high energy and they really stepped up to the plate for this one.

Friday, May 11th One Kind Favor w/ Buddy Cage

This show was full of grace as Buddy laid down some mean licks to drill into your head some of the tastiest touches of sonic madness to hit your brain. He drills those notes right into your head and they stay there for a long time.

Thursday, May 10th Big Muddy w/ Buddy Cage

Big Muddy is one of the finer bands to come around. They lack a fullness of sound due to having no bass player, buyt they are quite a special band. When they get a bass player I am sure they will be quite unstoppable, but until then we set up a show with them with special guest Buddy Cage. This show was a treat to see as it melded to talented movements together. Buddy added his flair to Big Muddy and they responded by playing over the top.

Wednesday, May 9th Soulpatch

Missy was back for another incarnation of her band, and once again it rocked. That is what she does best, although it seems her lyrical background is folk. She rocks.

Tuesday, May 8th Sweet Mo' Pea

This band had a nice solid sound which was soothing, but did not take too many risks. It was basic rock'n'roll with a couple funky twists to lighten up the load.

Monday, May 7th Goodfoot

Well, they put a good foot forward and this band funked it up with some mellow grooves. It was clear and clean music that had a funky floaty beat to grab your soul and make it alive and happy

Sunday, May 6th Poorhouse

This band provides so much energy and has a good groove. They are quite talented and new upon the scene , so I believe that they will develop to be quite a powerhouse, rather than a poorhouse, someday. Their sound is very organic and raw, but it exudes a very professionality about it at the same time.

Saturday, May 5th Crispy Critters

The major motivation of this band is getting crispy as it seems, so as long as they get enough Scooby Snacks they are pretty fuckin' good. I guess they got some Scooby snacks tonight.

Friday, May 4th Running With Sally

Once again this band has morphed and this time it caused quite a stir. The new keyboard addded much to this crazy band and they performed with so much energy that there was no question as to whether they would return. It was just a matter of when.

Thursday, May 3rd Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob provides some pristine moments in which they sound exquisite, but they also sometimes falter. I believe this band has a future and will continue to develop as they go. When they rock they rock, so check them out if you can because the high points they provide make it all worthwhile.

Wednesday, May 2nd New Texas Troubadours or Permanent Transients and Bluegrass Drive-by

Wow, many names for this band which was really quite good, but not over the top. This was an enjoyable show, but it never moved me.

Tuesday, May 1st The Levels
This blues powered funk quartet always shows up and demonstrates to us how to have a good time.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday April 27, 28, 29 and 30 Project Object w/ Ike Willis

Ok, so you have never seen Frank Zappa, but you want to experience the sound. This is the ticket, plus you get to see it in the confines of Quixote's which is the perfect place to go against the norms of society. This band pokes fun of all that is wrong with society and this is the place that anybody would want to see this band. Two great tastes that taste great together. Oh, this was sweetness and the brownies were not hurting either. This was a surreal show demonstrating the philisophical and musical genius of one who was taken to early from this world. Yet, Zappa lives on in this Poject and he would be happy to see that his music is given the justice it deserves. Oh yeah, fuck yeah. Oh and their version of Touch of Grey was top-notch.

Wednesday, April 25th Dr. Didg

The Doctor was in once again and everyone followed his prescription and danced the night away. This is psychedlic trippy dance music to cure your soul. Dig in and dig the didg. He was joined by DJHarry and this made the whole thing flow with the greatest of ease.

Tuesday, April 24 Beloved Invaders

True surf music played by some true freaks. This was quite a trip.

Monday, April 23 Poorhouse and Mostly Water

Mostly Water was mostly supposed to be on Sunday, but they ended up here and made quite a splash. They had excellent vocals and great jams, but they were not able to stretch out totally. this was quite a treat to see, even if for a short time. Poorhouse returned and proved that they are a band worth seeing as they had some great percussion based grooves that translated well to this room. They are a young energetic band that stays in the groove throughout the night.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday April 19, 420 and April 21 Steve Kimock Band

Oh once again, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be at two places at once. Steve Kimock's new band of hired guns has decided to descend upon Sancho's Broken Arrow give it a taste of the freshest sounds around. This show was unbelievable as it transformed this hippie pool hall into a hallowed concert hall. Sancho's does not need any help to get people there, but it is nice to have some pristine music channel some good energy into this place. I am sure it chased some demons out of this historied place.

Saturday, April 21 Chupacabra

The Latino Salsa funk of Chupacabra throuroughly infiltrates this room and makes it swagger. This band is a little poppy, but they are first and foremost artist. This is no fly by night operation, but a finely crafted dance machine. Check it out if you want to get a lift.

Friday, 420 Ross Martin and Friends

This guy is one of the best guitarist in the state. Dare I say the best, he is one of the elite and his tone is superb. Someday people which be searching for his sound.

Thursday, April 19th Chip and the Chowderheads w/ The Waz

Chip provided some well-wrought rock'n'roll to ease our soul. This was tastefully done and not without some highlights. The show was more groovy than anything else. It felt like they took out the griity part of the songs. This was fun, but it needed a little more punch. The Waz followed with a jazzy groove funk which had a nice rapid pace. It was surefire and quick and very groovy to boot.

Wednesday, April 18th Tony Furtado and Scott Amendola

Tony always shows up to play and he always plays with a quiet intensity. This is Colorado's premier picker and tonight he showed what he can do without a full band behind him. He and Scoot conjured up some good grooves that gave everyone there a smile from ear to ear and when Billy Rich jumped on stage the band became that much better with the thumping bass.

Tuesday, April 17th Uncut

A funky good time with the curious bass made this show bounce from beginning to end. Nothing flashy, but nothing chunky and unweildly. This was a good show from beginning to end.

Monday, April 16th One Fluid Ounce

This band was full of energy and spunk as they produced some grateful grooves for all to enjoy. They had a good base to work with as they worked their songs into a solid composition. This band needs to develop a little, but they show no signs of abating their forward progress..

Sunday, April 15 Electric Mind Control Workshop

Oh so once in awhile and band comes and plays without pretensions and kind or fips it up in pleasant way. No, there were not tons of freaks here, but the freaks that were here enjoyed everything thoroughly. This percussion based band caused a ripple in the room as they filled it with their rough, but heartfelt mixes. It was a thoroughly enjoyable incident that bears repeating.

Saturday, April 14th Moving Matter

Well, it is hard be after Larry, because Larry is everything and it infects the next review. But what does happen when a Moving Matter meets an unmovable Larry. Perhaps some day the answer will be known. Moving Matter did another fabulous show, yet it was not their best. It lacked the innocence of their previous shows, but it still had some superb playing. We will have to experiment with this band some more.

Thursday and Friday, April 12 and 13 Larry

Once again a band called Larry comes into town and makes everyone happy. That is what the headlines should read and I believe that the headlines will read that in the future. larry this and larry that larry cures cancer and larry saves the world. Yes, this will come true and everyone will name their kids larry and then you will say larry and all these kids named larry will come forth and you will not be scared, but you will be happy that everything is larry.

larry la la la larry

Tuesday, April 10th The Levels

Last minute addition to the line-up provides good grooves to pacify your stressful feelings. Yes, I say yes, check out this blues funk band if you need a musical fix in a pinch.

Monday, April 9th OM Trio

This is how it is done and gets done. Slowly and meditatively Om demonstrates its extreme cool under pressure. This band is simple, but effective. They are a jazzy collective that exudes a patient, soothing sound.

Sunday, April 8th The Grift

It seems like this band has all the right moves, but somehow they get lost in the proccess. Right now everything has not settled into place and it shows. Everything is there, it is just not put together right.

Saturday, April 7th Porterhouse

These guys laid down some phat funk, but they came out of the starting gate sounding a little grating, but as they eased in the sound became a little more loose and fl\uid. By the end of the show this band had absorbed enough of the energy of this place to keeep everything flowing correctly.

Friday, April 6th Japonize Elephants and Shanti Grove

Well, Japonize Elephants reminded of Some kind of Dr. Seuss nightmare that had gone astray as these circus monkeys prodded you into submission. A good opening act they were.

Then came Shanti Grove and they provided pure energy in an electric bluegrass rock and roll element and then Brian Jordan from Karl Denson's Tiny Universe walked on stage and this sold out crowd exhaled and we knew that we were safe as he laid down some serious electric grooves. Nothing else mattered and we walk away from this show feeling alright.

Thursday, April 5th Rebecca's Statue

Well, they came from the midwest without a bunch of hoopla, but soon after they settled in you knew that these gunslingers meant business. They opened up their guitar cases you knew that some serious licks had been played by these guys. This was a serious deal and we were not to be misled. There was no holy grail here, nothing grandiose, but just muscians that knew how to play music. And play they did with a gruff grittiness that held together their fluid sound.

Wednesday, April 4th idletime

Last time it was packed and this band came in expecting the same, but today was a different day, but it was not filled so they decided that they did not have to play with heart. So they did not play with heart which means they don't have the ability to play with heart because you need to do stuff for yourself rather then wait for things to happen for you.

Tuesday, April 3rd Umphrey's McGee

Holy Guacomole! This band took us on quite a thrilling ride and I don't think anyone was disappointed with them. They definitely had a dose of Phish in them, but this band was into playing and play they did. It is nice to see a band come into town and just ripp it up. Watch out Biscuits, Watch out Everyone because these freaks are ready to divide and conquer.

Monday April 2nd The Miltones

Once again, a band that plays for fun and plays well. Yeah, they play for fun, but it is serious shit that they are doing. This band has always impressed me with their attitude and their willingness to play. Good people doing good music and just havin a good time.

Sunday, April 1st Katalyst

Well, this band is a whole lot different from the band I booked, they changed a letter in their name and then they changed singers, but its alright. They sounded solid and they improved. This change worked out, but sometimes when get what you don't expect and it is not as good then you are in trouble and I will pounce, but their was no reason to pounce today except to pounce around for a good time.


Saturday, March 31 Larry Keel Experience and Fuzzchunk

Fuzzchunk started the show off with some fairly out that jazzy funk grooves which made everyone happy and then Larry Keel rolled onto the scene and demonstrated what a flat-picking champ could do. The champs don't mess around as they twist you up in a series of notes which bends the outer recessses of your mind. He was good, but he was downhome heaping huckster of laid back fun.

Thursday and Friday March 29th and 30th Mr. Blotto

Oh this was good. They got a country blues slant to the Dead, but when they hit the mark they hit it pretty good. I would have to say that these guys rocked. The first day I was still undecided, but by the time they were done on Friday I was chomping on the bit for more. Everyone needs a whole lotta of Blotto in their life, I urge you to check them out next time.

Wednesday, March 28th Swivel Hips Smith

Aw, the review we have been waiting for, the moment when it arrives, this band finally broke through the ice here and came into their own. This was good solid dance swinging freakshow music. How about that!!!!

Tuesday, March 27th Dave Andrews Band

This band had a raw vocal edge and a spunky flavor. What the hell does that mean, well its kinda of a cross between Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. It works and the electic violin backing the vocals was superd, alright Ponticello.

Sunday, March 25th Swallow and the Cement Pond

The imagery that the name inspires draws a direct correllation to the music it produced.

Saturday, March 24th Hanuman and Otis Roach

Hanuman produced some of the finest sounds in the room. The acoustic sound fit in this room so well and made it almost seem like it was a church. When I say church I don't mean that it made the room feel stale and authoritarian, but I mean that it gave the room an aura of something happening, but you don't know what it is. It made you feel as though somewhere inside of you, deep down you were supposed to be exactly where you are. Ah hah, this is a bunch of hocos pocus balongna which I am filling you with at this moment. And why did you parents feed you balogna and then tell you taht you are full of it. If they didn't like you full of it why would they get it. Fuck Bologna and this whole parental conspiracy. What are they trying to confuse the poor innocent souls such as us with paradoxical half-truths.
Otis Roach came next crawling through the crevices and slinking upon the stage. They started out a little harder edged compared to the the relative peaceful easy feeling that the first band engendered and then they mellowed considerable. This band is schizophrenic and so is my writing so it seems like everything fit together fine.

Friday, March 23rd B-Side Players and Juice

The co-headliners did an adequate job of representing themselves as this east meets west gig demonstrated the difference between the two worlds, but also showed how similar they were. Each band simply put together an excellent full-powered show. No slackers here.

Thursday, March 22nd New Country Kitchen

It seems as though the word is getting out about this band. They produce an excellent sound which is good for relaxing as well as dancing. There are the makings of a good old fashion hoedown in here as they start to open up more. This is a good dose of what happens as things are translated back and forth. things are added and some things skipped, but mostly it is all their just mutated. I like this mutation, it looks promising.

Wednesday, March 21st Moving Matter

Well, they always start out sounding like Phish and you expect them to offer nothing more then that, but you soon find out that under their scales there is a completely original band. They have a touch of Disco Biscuits in them also, but they are their own entity. They brought with them a new setlist and pulled out some nuggets such as Geen-eyed Lady and Free Ride which just rocked. Still my choice for best new band in Colorado.

Tuesday, March 20th Billspeering

Mondo trance funk with a little rap and a little roll creates a wave a madness at your local music venue is what the headlines read, but did they tell you about the wormhole in the middle of the room that sucked everyone into the next dimension and made us look like we all got swirllies. Oh yea, I bet you didn't see that in the newspaper, oh yeah, it is some kind of cover-mmmmmpphh upp mmmmmmm, oh got to go....don't worry they won't believe me, shut off those tapes mmmmpptstp...

Monday, March 19th Honeypot

This little band keeps on plugging away and someday they are going to do it because they definitely have a groove. They produced a very good funky New Orleans sound and mixed it with with a little Boston scat jazz to produce a sweet container of slightly viscous fluid--oh yeah honeypot is aptly named and you bears should take notice because it is delectable.

Sunday, March 18th Askimbo

A farewell show for a band becomes a farewell show for a man. Apparently there is some confusion about bands and people in the early stages of the new millenium, but Askimbo laid down some thick greasy jazzy funk to funk you up until you need to be funked again.

Saturday, Saint Patrick's Day,March 17th One Kind Favor w/ Tom Constanten

Any holiday is perfect for the Dead and tonight we had T.C. sitting in with One Kind Favor. This was definitely a treat as T.C. sat in almost the entire show with the band which was something lacking in previous times that he has played. This is what we wanted as T.C. mentored this band. This was what we wanted and expected the first time he played here and this is when we got it. Expect a return in no short time because if this band and T.C. are going to play at this level we are in for a real good time.

Thursday and Friday, March 15th and 16th Ancient Harmony

What a perfect name for this band because as you tlisten to their songs the name swirls through your mind and you conjure up mythical originations of sounds. They channel this energy and vibe and you become part of the whole myth. they have a bond with the audience as they rip through their own songs. They compare themselves to Panic and the Allmans, but they have a more melodic thrust to their songs.

Wednesday, March 14th Schwahhh

Another fine show by this band, but it seems like they have lost their edge. Maybe the same multiple letters in their name makes it them fall asleep as they conjure up their name.

Tuesday, March 13th Knee Deep, Uncle Bob and Ed Fingers

Three very good bands creating a motley stew with the generation x vibe of Ed Fingers starting the show, then Uncle Bob strolled onto the stage and created dominant hippie energy. They were quite good as they laid down some killer versions of songs by the Dead Phish and Beatles. They started off with a killer version of Tommorow Never knows, but I thought the highlight was AC/DC Bag. Knee Deep rounded out the show with a more subdued poppy sound which kept everyone grooving.

Monday, March 12th Sugarplanet and Frank Jordan

Sugarplanet started out this rollercoaster ride with their folk based rock and roll sound. Wendy DeRosa is an excellent tunesmith who blends well with the powerful vocals of Jessica Goodkin. This band sets excellent lyrics off with some extra-special playing. I was truely amazed seeing this band put together a wonderful and inpiring show.

They were followed by Frank Jordan which was an band more tuned to the grunge scene then we are accustomed to in this fine establishment, but they were pretty damn good at tdoing what they were doing.

Sunday, March 11th Righteous Buddah

Their first set started out slow and somewhat plodding, but this band turned on the accelerator for a trip into the funk filled galaxy. They stormed their way through some tunes and made the audience swoon on this intergalactic hammond B-3 ride.

Saturday, March 10th Crispy Critters

They are creepy and crawly and altogether crispy. They are progressing very quickly to become one of the better acts in Denver so you might tell yourself where is my beautiful wife and you might tell yourself why am I here and suddenly you exhale and you say to see the Crispy Critters, but of course,

Friday, March 9th East Colfax Allstars and Dave Cieri Trio

Once more into the breach--we have entered the territory of the avant-garde and the extremely strange dissonant sounds which attack your mind and make you crazy. Why do we do crazy things? Why do we listen to crazy stuff?
Because we are all fuckin' nuts!!

Thursday, March 8th Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom

Ron Levy is one cool beatnik cat which threw down a wonderful groove on the hammond that allowed us to shake our behinds to the grooviest grooves around. His playing was full of energy, but always kept that essential cool.

Wednesday, March 7th Dr. Didg

What can a didg doo or doo a didg does when the doctor is in. This Didg did do more than I thought it would do and one highlight of the didgeridoo was a didgeridarkstardoo. This was one of those shows which I thought might be full of sound and fury signifying nothing, but I was amazed at how good this sounded. It was absolutely fantastic. no wonder they call him the doctor.

Tuesday, March 6th The Levels

At first I thought this band was going to be good, but nothing more. They surprised while laying down some basic blues funk tracks they created an overwhelming amount of energy. I said to myself , pretty damn good.

Sunday, March 4th River

Once again this tight little band has demonstrated that they will be a force in Colorado music for awhile. River has a strong focus on lyrics, but they are also capable of creating full crisp jams. They still need to learn how to spread out and get groovy, but that will come with time.

Saturday, March 3rd Victor Barnes and The Westfall

Victor Barnes did a wonderful opening set which was stunning in its joyful vibrance. This band has a great down home vibe and they seem to be the perfect band for this living room venue as they eminate coziness. The Westfall followed and was able to funk it up with a mixture of electro-industro funk. It was definitely a change of gears which shocked many people, but it was a good ride.

Friday, March 2nd The Miltones

They call themselves a Panic band, but they are actually a hybrid playing the music of the Grateful Dead. I don't know what to call them, but I sincerely believe that they are worth checking out as they provide the best hybrid songs I have seen.

Thursday, March 1st Miracle Orchestra

Transcendent jams and out of this world playing generally characterize this band, but they do not always connect with the audience. They are spectacular, but it seems like there is an invisible barrier betweeen the band and them.

Wednesday, February 28th Sliquid with David Zollo

David Zollo provided a touch of roots rock small town ambience which had a gritty edge. This was a classy show which was followed by Sliquid's tight slippery jams. Sliquid's playing soars and then plummets. They are on top of the world and then they sink fast. This band has incredible raw talent and if it was channeled right and consistently it would bring them to the top. Everytime I see this band they amaze me.