Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Serendipity--that is what we shall call it, serendipitous that I left Cervantes and found Owsley's which becomes Quixote's in only a few moments. Why did I need Owsley's Golden Road? Why indeed? Because the Golden Road led me right back to where I started, it led me back to that magical place that was always in my heart, it led me to the Real Quixote's True Blue and this place which is being transformed into Quixote's feels more like home then it ever has before. Each successive Quixote's represented a desire to get to where I started, but the trip was not to be straightforward, it was circuitous and tangled. It was an virtually Odyssey and my dear Penelope lay 13 years away. The trip was always about music and being true to what I believed, but along the things got diverted and I was courted by all types of sirens who caused me to stray from my path. What i found as we were transforming Owsley's into Quixote's was how much love was put in every step of the way and the amount of history that comprises 13 years of hard work. Somehow every sign that I made for Quixote's somehow fit into Owsley's perfectly, it was as if the place was always waiting for Quixote's to arrive. Owsley's/Quixote's felt more complete then any of the previous incarnations, it even felt better then the first and what this transformation so magical was the fact that the Jerry Garcia Band created the soundtrack for this event. It was today after midnight that Quixote's was finally fully realized.

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