Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dead Floyd/The Grippe Dec 3rd

Ok, so the show is not over and I am doing a review. I do not have a deadline so maybe i should wait till the end, but unless this band fucks up really bad, I would give this night two thumbs up. It was a cold December night and The Grippe had already played a very tight set including a nice China Cat Jam. There were tight jams throughout the set and they can hold a crowd. Definitely fun and I felt a little warmer as they played. Dead Floyd is playing as I write and they have everyone on the dance floor grooving. The thing I think I like about them is that the Dead component of Dead Floyd eliminates the pretension of The Floyd part. The vibe of The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd are diametrically opposed, but like the Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup( I personally do not like chocolate or peanut butter, but I love peanut butter cups, the standard size has the best ratio of chocolate to peanut butter) they sound/taste great together. Pardon my colossal impertinence, but this is what i think.

They make a fine connection, oh lord you no that it is true, they love each other. This is actually right now a play by play. Tat sentence was written as the song was played, how crazy. See ya tommmorow for a Bluegrass Explosion featuring Spring Creek Bluegrass, Handpicked holler Whiskey Tango and the Gristle Gals.

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