Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One KInd Favor/Boozegrass/40 Foot Journey Jan 8th

One of my favorite things about this new new Quixote's True Blue is its versatilty. I can do three diffent bands and it always works out. The new Quixote's somehow allows things to work outperfectly, but I really never know how it will work out till I get here and then it just does. I guess theree must have been some magic left in that old Quixote's spirit because when I do a show here it all just works out. I love this place and I love hearing bands here. They seem to elevate beyond there normal playing and push themsleves because I really think they love this place also. Boozegrass kicked some bluegrass ass in the Gallery then 40 foot journey did a good job creating an initial buzz on the maistage. And tehn came One Kind Favor and they played awesome, but were not able to briing the masses out, but if you were one of the people that were not here you definitely missed a great show. The whole thing was not great, but it was good and will just get better as people start to recognize there name

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